Yule Wishes

Blessed and Merry Yule to you all,
Dear People of the Pagan ways.
Where golden leaves used to fall,
only blank page of snow now stays.
And so I wish you all the best
in whatever fills that void.
May your spring is also blessed
and summer is cheerfully enjoyed.

May the child of promise brings you light,
Dear People of the Pagan ways.
May be peace where once was fight
and hope for all is set ablaze.
May it shine within our heart
in this new cycle of the year.
Hand in hand let’s now depart
without sadness and without fear.

To renewed sun form what was old
let us walk now and keep our trust,
for none of us know what was fortold,
and when our bodies will turn in dust.
Our souls will always shine through dark,
as we celebrate each autumn fall.
So may new year rises from that spark.
Blessed and Merry Yule to you all!

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