My perspective

What happens in our country that is related to paganism? What I think about these things? What I think of at the moment? What I find interesting? That's what it's going to be about. 

To put some perspective into the whole thing, few words about my background. I am 34 years old Wiccan from Prague, initiated in Vienna 2004. I have been quite active in the Czech pagan community since 2003. Since 2004 I have organized regular meetings called Bohemian-Moravian Witches' Conference. I used to be a national coordinator for a local branch of Pagan Federation International. And I am a member of the council of the Czech Pagan Society founded this year.

There isn't much more worth mentioning. The main thing is that I am usually coming from the view of more ecclectic, wiccan-oriented area of the pagan world, but not always. For me Wicca is a term meaning a coven-based initiatory tradition founded by Gerald Gardner. I am fine with different understandings of the term Wicca as long as these are not forced upon me and as long as there is a clear distinction from the initiatory tradition.

Paganism to me is a family of indo-european or european religions, sharing a common european historical background. My unerstanding of the term is as open-ended as it could be within a 'reasonable' boundaries. Yes, I know there is a problem, but I am not an academic and never pretended to have any such qualifications.

I think that should be enough for my blogging perspective. (Also, my English is not the best, but you already found out, I guess.) Now, let's see if there is anything interesting I have to say. 


  1. Anonymous23:58

    I am very interested in the reconstructionist Rodna Vira. Not so much the militant just the rituals and mythology. Know of anyone who may be willing to help?

  2. Hello! Yes, I actually do. Try contating them on this e-mail address:

    Ask about Vitoslav. He will probably be the one reading it, but I am not sure. Either way, he can tell you a lot and knows about everything that happens in this area of the pagan community. I hope that helps. Good luck.